November 7, 2019

Swix Brush Program

The Swix Brush Program has a large variety of high-quality brushes ranging from small economy scaled to world cup race service types. To add to this program we also have the roto brush system. I wanted to write this article to best help you select brushes based on what you need and then later what you will want. All the Swix brushes are designed to brush dirt or wax out the structures (base patterns) in the ski bases. If taken care of the brush bristles will not harm your bases and will last many seasons.

A couple of recommendations for brushes:

  1. It is recommended you use the brush in one direction only. Our oval brushes come with an arrow printed on the top side, however, I simply draw the arrow on the rectangular brush to ensure one direction travel. This will always line the bristles up properly as well as increase longevity.
  2. Use separate brushes for refreshing the base (no wax) and for brushing/texturing the wax. One brush should always be completely wax-free!
  3. The brushing style manually is with good pressure sweeping excess wax. For roto brushing, you don’t need too much pressure…let the brush do the work!
  4. A tip to tail brushing style is optimal!  This is the way the ski travels.

Why/When We Brush?

  • BEFORE WAXING: We use brushes after tuning the edges of the ski to clean out the dirt from the structure of the ski (see photo below).  Brushing works to keep and enhance the look of your ski structure.  It is really important to pick a brush that is only used for this purpose and does not get used for brushing wax.
  • AFTER WAXING: once we scrape the ski we want to brush the base to texture the wax to the structure.  This process is key to making your ski glide better.  The more you brush the better the ski will glide!  
  • APPLICATION OF ADDITIVES/TOP COATS: we use synthetic horsehair, horsehair or wild boar bristle. The idea is we want to brush just to texture the topcoat as to leave the product on the base. Great to use in the start…

Brushes You Need!

Below are brushes needed for a good wax kit.  I gave two options; a bigger oval brush or a smaller rectangular brush.  Oval vs Rectangular:

  1. Oval brushes are great for the start area especially when you have gloves on.
  2. Oval brushes cover more surface area.
  3. Rectangular brushes are more economical.
  4. Rectangular brushes don’t take up as more space in your wax kit.
  5. Both are great so it comes down to personal choice.

For dry base structure cleaning/refreshing:

  • T0191B RECTANGULAR FINE STEEL BRUSH; Ultrafine bristles. Works deep into the base structure. Cleans and refreshes the base. So you use this before you wax the ski.  Always make sure the brush travel one direction only. I always draw an arrow on the brush to ensure this principle.

For after waxing to brush and texture:

  • T01790 OVAL STEEL BRUSH or T0179B RECTANGULAR STEEL BRUSH; Used as a first brush on wax after scraping.  5-6 stokes. High quality steel brush that has had an excellent track record with World Cup technicians.
  • T01600 OVAL FINE BLUE NYLON BRUSH or T0160B RECTANGULAR FINE BLUE NYLON BRUSH; polish brush for all waxes. Use this brush after the steel brush for 5 to 10 strokes.  We will need this brush for topcoat application (see below.)

For topcoat application (cera brushes): 

  • T01640 OVAL WILD BOAR BRUSH or T0164B RECTANGULAR WILD BOAR BRUSH; the wild boar bristles are soft so really effective on our powders, solids or liquid topcoats. 5-10 stokes.
  • T01570 OVAL HORSEHAIR BRUSH or T0157B RECTANGULAR FINE BRUSH; an all-round brush for finishing. 5 to 10 strokes.
  • T01600 OVAL FINE BLUE NYLON BRUSH or T0160B RECTANGULAR FINE BLUE NYLON BRUSH; polish brush for all waxes. Use this brush, after the steel brush, for 5 to 10 strokes.

Roto Brush System

The roto brush system allows you to purchase the complete handle set and individual brushes. I recommend the 100mm for alpine skis as it travels well and is cost-effective. The roto brush allows you to do many skis in a more efficient time frame. I have provided a link for all brushes; oval, rectangular and roto. The roto brushes follow the same principles as laid out above. You can also purchase a complete kit with a carrying case. LINK TO BRUSHES;


Next addition we wax!



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