May 10, 2019

Ski boots are the single most important piece of equipment for every Alpine Ski Racing athlete at every age and ability level.  Proper fitting boots are functionally superior to those that do not allow the athlete to do what they are supposed to be doing.  Proper fit does not just mean no discomfort and as warm as a pair of slippers.  Proper fit supports the functional movement strategy that the coaches are instilling in their athletes,  as well as delivering acceptable comfort, warmth and no long term damage to the athlete’s foot.

Please do not assume boots are the correct size.  Many athletes have been skiing in wrong sizes and simply order another the same size or sometimes

even larger just because another year has passed.  Before you or your coach orders boots. Please drop into our Race Centre in Market Mall and have that conversation.  We will give you a clear assessment of what all is required for requesting a boot that will be the best solution to support

Sporting Life, Alberta Alpine Ski Association’s Exclusive supplier is set up to correctly size athletes skis boots for next season prior to ordering.   Parents and Coaches, please contact us for your athletes’ assessment.

SKI TIPS are brought to you by Sporting Life, Alberta Alpine’s Official Retailer, with two locations in Calgary; Market Mall & Southcentre.


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