April 17, 2019


Carbohydrates are the preferred energy source and are critical energy source for when doing an exercise or max performance on an activity as ski racers do!  Yes, carbohydrates are a great fuel source and should be incorporated throughout a ski racers fueling schedule.  Carbohydrates are your friend not foe!


  • Pasta, Couscous, bread, Oatmeal, cold cereal, potato white or sweet, corn, fruit/Veggies, dried beans, brown rice, Milk, Crackers

Why are carbohydrates important for athletes.

  • Help them to reach peak performance
  • Help to refuel muscles that have been depleted
  • Help to promote muscle gain
  • Eating before and after intense activity can help enhance athlete performance & recovery

Critical times to fuel with Carbohydrates

  1. Fuel Friday for Saturday
  2. Pre-Exercise: Fueling 1 -2 hours:  Should be made up of carbohydrate and some protein depending on digestion of the athletes. 
  3. During: Workouts >60 minutes may require fueling though out
  4. Post Exercise: 30 – 60 minutes it is critical to fuel with a carbohydrate & protein.
    • Helps to promote rebuilding and repairing of muscles
    • Helps to replenish energy stores

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