January 11, 2019

BAR & BVQ’s First Annual Cookie Cup at Mount Norquay

As many of us come back from the Christmas holidays and a record-breaking powder day, Banff Alpine Racers and the Bow Valley Quickies geared up for the first Cookie Cup of the season.

Almost 180 athletes from FIS to Q18 across both clubs from participated in the relay-style race. The parallel slalom courses mirrored each other in a three-lane showdown. Each racer only allowed to leave the start gate when their teammate crossed the finish line.

Cheers and chants erupted from both sides of the spec fence from parents and fellow teammates. Some costumes stood the test of speed, others fell victim to the panels. Jasper ski club also joined in on the festivities racing head to head with their own Christmas cheer.

200 cookies were “whipped up” by the dedicated volunteers. All athletes’ young and old earned their cookie by racing their hearts out.

The Cookie Cup commences every month. Start planning your costumes!


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