December 31, 2018

Holidays are meant to be fun, offer relaxing time, and generally are times to enjoy friends and family around food.  We often take the holidays for granted but they do change our schedules and often can disrupt our usual training and fueling routine.  Here are some hints that can help you deal with the effects of friends, family and food through the holiday season.

  1. Prioritize Breakfast Fueling with a balanced breakfast that includes carbohydrates, protein and fruit helps ensures that you get a great start to your day.
  1. Movement – Changes in schedules and the holidays can mean you may miss your regular training.   The first rule for survival is to find a way to get your rest.  Rest is critical for the body to heal and recover.  Maintaining a fitness training program may also be difficult with all the other priorities during the holidays.  Try not to stress but look for other ways to get your fitness.  Try hanging out with family by going for a walk, building a snow fort or snowman, a little quiet yoga or just rest!  If training is still in full force, try to plan your days by recognizing that you will need to be flexible and by fitting in your routine around these holiday disruptions.
  1. Cravings – Try to be mindful about fueling over the holidays.  Individuals often under fuel because of the busy schedule leaving them ravenous and struggling with cravings and over-fueling at delicious holiday meals.  Try to be mindful and fuel consistently throughout the day.  This will help with overeating.   Tip:  If on cooking detail help keep friends and family consistently fueled by pre-making smoothies, having homemade muffins, veggie and fruit plates, and crackers and cheese plates ready.
  1. Hydrate – Stay hydrated over the holidays.  If you notice your pee is a dark apple juice colour it could be due to dehydration.  Plan to drink water regularly.  Tip: Sip on tea’s, steamed milk, sparkling water, and regular water throughout your day.

Enjoy the Holidays and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   If you need help with your training or nutrition I am always here to help.


Leslie Steeves, RD |  587-438-0464



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