August 25, 2018

First of the Athlete Journals for the 2018/19 is from second year Alberta Ski Team member, Ashleigh Alexander.

Instagram: @ashleighalexanderr

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a great summer! The new team just got back from Mt Hood. Our first on snow camp went really well lots of volume and now lots of tired athletes. Sadly a few of our teammates couldn’t attend the camp; Claire finishing her schooling overseas and Caeden recovering from a broken collarbone. We were there for 10 days on snow with a recovery day we spent in Canon Beach. Here’s a short video of our camp. I hope you all enjoy!

I also wanted to give a little thanks to our sponsors Sporting Life, Descente, Western GMC, Ski Big 3, Rocky Mountain Ski lodge and Silvertip resort.

Thanks for reading,

Ashleigh Alexander


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