May 3, 2018

Hi All!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to either read or watch the team’s journals this season. This will be the last AST journal for the season.

April 15th marked my last ski race.  It was incredibly emotional but it really couldn’t have finished any better. The sun was out at Nakiska and it was spring racing at its finest. I got to see a couple of awesome people race their last race as well as cheer on the rest of the circuit who’s already psyched on next season. It was great to have the entire team back together again.  We popped a bunch of champagne and some tears were shed. That also wrapped up the Alpine Insurance Series cup so a big congrats to my teammates Jamie and Claire for their respective wins.

As you grow up through ski racing you’re exposed to many speakers who reiterate the values and opportunities of ski racing, and as you move through the sport you do in fact start to realize the skills you are gaining. Now that I have the chance to sit back and reflect a bit on what I’ve learnt, I can truly say I’m moving away with way more than I ever expected to. It comes down to a million small things adding up. Getting groceries on your own and cooking, having to speak at a fundraising event, being accountable for all your equipment, learning to support your teammates, learning to respect peoples space and finally trusting the process. All these things and many more add up, leaving you walking away standing a little taller.

In our sport, at least in my experience, there are a few things that stand out to me as being the most important. The big one is having a good team, and this year I had the best team. I’m incredibly proud of the community we created amongst ourselves, and it led to unexpected successes.

I have too many people to thank, but on this platform, I would like to sincerely thank the sponsors who support our sport and our team simply because they love ski racing; Alpine Insurance, Western GMC Buick, Descente, Dale of Norway and Sporting Life. I would also like to thank Dynastar who supported me for the last two years and especially Ron Warren who got the ball rolling. Last but definitively not least my parents, who were the backbone to everything and the best supporters I could ever ask for. We were always on the same page right from day one and I am forever grateful.

Thanks to everyone who was along for the ride, that was a ton of fun.







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