Western GMC Buick

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Doug Airey, General Manager

Western GMC Buick has been an Alberta Alpine sponsor since 2011.

1.    What does your company do?  We are Alberta’s largest GMC and Buick dealership. We’ll sell nearly 2,000 new vehicles this year.  We also offer complete vehicle maintenance, retail & wholesale parts, Isuzu Medium-Duty trucks, Carbrite detailing products and we are one of western-Canada’s largest suppliers of PPG paint for automotive and commercial applications.  We have nearly 100 team members – thus a significant employer in our area.

2.    How can Alberta Alpine members support your business? When you have a need for one of our services – be it a new or pre-owned vehicle, parts, vehicle servicing, contact me directly atdoug.airey@westerngm.com and we will try to help you the best that we can!  I like to help and support the companies that sponsor activities I’m interested in and I hope for the same opportunity.  Quite frankly, skiing and cars go together quite nicely.  Not too many walk to the hills!

3.    What coming trends might impact the way we interact with your business? The use of the internet – specifically our website – allows virtually anyone with access to the internet to learn more about our products & services, without visiting our “bricks & mortar” store in west Edmonton.  We have a mobile friendly website too!  We have customers literally coast-to-coast.

4.    What is it about ski racing that interests you? It’s a life-long, family sport that offers all of us a way to learn and grow.  Even as adults, we can learn, grow and experience new adventures through our affiliation with ski racing.  I’m a CSIA Level 2 instructor and Level 1 Coach, Level 3 Official and a provincial TD.  I’ve just returned from Korea and helping to run the World Special Olympic Winter Games.  Some of my best friends are the result of being involved in ski racing.  In a previous career I was a strong proponent of supporting ski racing through GM’s Pontiac GMC Cup.  Now as a local business leader, I can help the sport through sponsorships at the local, regional and provincial levels.

5.    Were you a ski racer, or do you have children in a ski racing program?  Regrettably, I never had the opportunity to compete as a racer.  My wife, Mary, and I have three children.  Our oldest, Michael is in 2nd year university and while not a ski racer, is a ski instructor.  Noelle, just “retired” from racing and is coaching at Snow Valley.  Janet is in her second year in U16.