Gavin Donald

profile picture

Nickname: Gav Don/ Gav Meister/ Donny Shmirk/ GBD
Home Club: WVSC/VSC
AASA Club: Sunshine
Hometown: Vernon, BC
Age: 20
Year on the AST: 1
Equipment Suppliers: Blizzard, Olympia
Personal Sponsors: Olympia

Career highlight to-date: Making the AB Team!
Favourite discipline: Super G
Favourite place you’ve ever skied: New Zealand
Goal for this season: Make world juniors
Any particular coach from your childhood who inspired you: Helmut, Ian Chernancoff
Favourite offseason activity: Biking
Any quote that you use for inspiration: ”If you focus on what you left behind, how can you see what lies ahead?”
Instagram: @gavindonald