Club Profiles

2018 Club Profiles – Banff Alpine Racers & Bow Valley Quikies

March 21, 2018
The transition from February into March usually marks the beginning of the spring melt, incredible snow conditions and, the hustle of ski racers around the province as they race their way through the series. For Banff Alpine, this year is no different. February brought on Olympic fever with BAR alumina Trevor Philp and Erik Read... View Article

2018 Club Profiles: Sunshine Speedsters

March 15, 2018
The Sunshine Ski Club was founded in 1970/71 season and in its 47th year of operations still holds true to its original purpose which was to “develop racers with great attitudes”.  Over the years and a few different name changes the club has settled on the name the Sunshine Speedsters and the Sunshine Alpine Racers. ... View Article

2018 Club Profiles – Sunridge Alpine Ski Team

March 8, 2018
Sunridge Alpine Ski Team hosted western Canada’s first ever Nancy Greene Ski League Ski Cross event, the Smile for Cam Nancy Greene Ski Cross race February 3-4, 2018. Despite being -33 with the wind chill in the morning, the event went on with training on Saturday and races on Sunday and was a great opportunity... View Article

2018 Club Profiles – Parkland Racers Ski Club

March 1, 2018
  This time around Parkland Racers Ski Club would like to showcase our amazing athletes and have them share their perspectives of our ski racing family. Here are some of our athletes’ contributions; Isaac U12: “I like Parkland because I have made a lot of really good friends. I like that it is a smaller club... View Article

Club Profiles – Parkland Racers Ski Club

April 12, 2017
‘Inspiring a generation of skiers to share the passion for our sport of Alpine Skiing.’ The sky is blue, the snow is fresh, and the white expanse opens up before you.  You can hear giggling off in the distance and know instinctively where to find the young Nancy Green Skiers taking advantage of the entire... View Article

Club Profiles – Banff Alpine Racers

April 5, 2017
In 2018 Bow Valley Quikies (BVQ) will be celebrating its 40th year since Mike and BonnieWiegele founded the club in 1978.  Soon after the Banff Alpine Racers (BAR) was established to allow graduates to move into a more competitive racing program.  Banff Mount Norquay has always been the home of BVQ/BAR and the partnership we have... View Article

Club Profiles – Valley Alpine Ski Club

March 29, 2017
“No, not Snow Valley, THE Valley” has been a common refrain in our racing history! Every year we are confused with Snow Valley a little less — hopefully this profile furthers the cause! Our club trains at Valley Ski Hill just outside Alliance, Alberta on the banks of the Battle River. It’s ok if you... View Article

Club Profiles – Nakiska Alpine Ski Association

March 22, 2017
  The Nakiska Alpine Ski Association (NASA) is a family of clubs that joined together in 2009 to share resources. Our oldest member club is the Skimeister Alpine Race Club, which was incorporated in 1967, and our newest member club is the Mount Allen Ski Team, which was incorporated in 2012. Each club operates independently... View Article

Club Profiles – Team Panorama

March 8, 2017
Team Panorama hosted the 2017 Linda Putnam Invitational on March 4, as part of the South Zone NGSL Alpine Insurance Race Series. Linda Putnam was an avid skier and an enthusiastic member of Team Panorama, whose contributions to the club through her volunteering on and off-hill were highly valued. Linda was tragically killed in an... View Article

Club Profiles – Fort McMurray Ski Team

March 1, 2017
We’ve come a long way since 1985! Though this article is not a historical recount of the club we do have a few coaches and parents who have been involved with the club long enough to say there is quite a history and mosaic of change over time. Let’s start with today and do a... View Article