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Alpine Insurance Alberta Ski Team Athlete Journal – Huston Philp

January 25, 2016
Well… here we are closing in on the end of January already. The team is back home at the moment working through a mid-season training block. We have about 2 and half weeks of no racing, which is a good break. This allows us to assess, and refocus, and dial in what needs to happen... View Article

Alpine Insurance Alberta Ski Team Athlete Journal – Jack Leitch

January 12, 2016
After a couple weeks of holidays, and a few pounds of turkey and ham, it was back to business this past week at Nakiska. We started with a few days of training to shake off the cob webs, and get our skiing legs back under us before moving to our first races of the new... View Article

Alpine Insurance Alberta Ski Team Athlete Journal – Sarah Taylor

January 6, 2016
This December was our kick off to race season with 18 days of racing. It was a long month but everyone had a couple of good results. We started at Nakiska for our first speed races, raced some slaloms at Norquay and then went into the big NorAm downhill at Lake Louise. This has always... View Article

Alpine Insurance Alberta Ski Team Athlete Journal – Ben Legree

December 21, 2015
Christmas holidays are coming fast and the whole team is definitely excited for some downtime at home for a little Rest & Recovery. It’s been a long block of racing full of ups and downs, which is very expected by the end of about 3 weeks worth of racing! I’ll start with Lake Louise. As... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Collin Taylor

December 8, 2015
See an athlete’s view of the Lake Louise World Cup Downhill track. Alpine Insurance Alberta Ski Team athlete Collin Taylor and teammate Jack Leitch  foreran the course last week. Watch the video here:      

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Keegan Sharp

November 23, 2015
The last two and a half months have been quite a push for me preparing for the upcoming racing season. I’ve been spending lots of time in the gym trying to get as fit as I can and really strengthen my hip so I don’t run into further problems down the road. It’s safe to... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Zoe Belczyk

November 17, 2015
The season has officially begun! After a month of being off snow it feels great to be skiing again. Since being back from our second camp we have spent the last three weeks in the gym, getting ready for the up coming season. Last Tuesday ended up being the team’s first day on snow, I... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Mikey Soetaert

November 13, 2015
It’s finally here! With cold temperatures around the corner, the Alberta Ski Team is gearing up for the ski season this week. Today we got our new Descente jackets and they are looking fresh! With our new team uniforms everyone is ready to get to work. As dry land comes to an end, everyone is... View Article

Alpine Insurance Alberta Ski Team Athlete Journal – Haley McKercher

November 5, 2015
Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you all had a spooky Halloween weekend. Since my last athlete journal, I have graduated from high school, turned 18, and have gained 5 pounds (not from Häagen-Dazs) from dryland at the team’s second home, Peak Power. The team is so fortunate to have a workout environment like Peak Power... View Article


October 27, 2015
As the season starts to pick up, the Alberta Ski Team couldn’t be more prepared. We have just completed 5 weeks of pre-season training in Saas Fee, Switzerland. The first camp consisted of 3 weeks followed by a second 2 week camp. Both camps were very successful. Throughout the 5 weeks of training, we received... View Article