AST Journals

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Dawson Hill

April 12, 2018
Hi all! This will be my final athlete journal of the season with the Alberta Ski Team, so first off, I would like to thank everyone – including parents and sponsors – for all the support you have given myself and the rest of the team this season. Its been a ton of fun and... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Ashleigh Alexander

April 5, 2018
Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last athlete journal. I’m back from my knee injury and it feels good to be back! The past 2 weeks we have been in Kimberly racing at Noram Finals and Red Mountain for Canadian Champs. I’ve made a short video just showing some of the fun we... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Andrew Wilson

March 22, 2018
Hello all, This is my final journal entry of the season. Unfortunately I don’t have many exciting updates for this one as the last couple of weeks have been spent sitting around with a busted up knee. Before this we had some fun tech races in Jackson, Wyoming, before heading down to Copper Mountain, Colorado,... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Abby Harrison

March 14, 2018
Hello, We are right in the heart of the race season now. It’s been a wild ride these past few races and I definitely learned a thing or two about taking care of my body. I’ve recently been having a few back problems, so I’m staying back from this next race in Kimberley to focus... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Adrien Grabinski

March 10, 2018
Hey everyone, Adrien here, checking in for my last Alberta alpine journal of the year. During the past week the Alberta team was split in two different groups, half of us where skiing the tech series in Whistler and Grouse  while the other half was skiing speed in Copper, Colorado. I was skiing the Nor-Am... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Carson Cook

March 7, 2018
Hi Everyone, This is my 3rd Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal of the season and what a great time to have one. Our team recently got back from the Kimberly Speed races where we had some great results for Alberta with Jamie Casselman and Adrien Grabinski making their way to the top of the podium and... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Kelvin Cochrane

February 26, 2018
Hello everyone, The team is heading into a busy couple of months of racing. This week some of the team is heading down to Jackson, Wyoming for a tech series. From Jackson, part of the team heads down to Copper Mountain for the speed NorAms, while the other group goes to Whistler and Grouse for... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Marcus Holm

February 20, 2018
Hello everyone, hope everybody has enjoyed the great skiing over the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, I have missed out on all the action due to a ski crash mid-January. Not entirely sure what happened but ski patrol found be wandering around in the trees all delusional and cut up claiming to have not crashed! Thankfully... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Zoe Belczyk

February 8, 2018
Hello! I hope everyone’s been enjoying the amazing ski conditions we’ve had lately! The team is currently half way through our race series of the season! The Kimberly races series were very success the team, many of us got onto the podium. When the team was in Kimberly Liam made his first debut at world... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Liam Wallace

February 1, 2018
  Hello to all Alberta Alpine peoples… I’m talking to you from a small town in Switzerland called Parpan, a small place at the base of Lenzerhede Mountain, where I will be spending my next training block before heading to Davos for the World Junior tech races. Being my first trip on the road this... View Article