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Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Zoe Belczyk

February 8, 2018
Hello! I hope everyone’s been enjoying the amazing ski conditions we’ve had lately! The team is currently half way through our race series of the season! The Kimberly races series were very success the team, many of us got onto the podium. When the team was in Kimberly Liam made his first debut at world... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Liam Wallace

February 1, 2018
  Hello to all Alberta Alpine peoples… I’m talking to you from a small town in Switzerland called Parpan, a small place at the base of Lenzerhede Mountain, where I will be spending my next training block before heading to Davos for the World Junior tech races. Being my first trip on the road this... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Sam Wall

January 18, 2018
Hi Y’All! The crew just returned from a awesome weekend spent in Edmonton for the Ski The North event.  The first day things looked fairly bleak as it was -35 with wind-chill and Rabbit Hill was closed for the day. Fortunately, they opened the hill just for us and we spent the afternoon lapping a... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Claire Timmermann

January 11, 2018
Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the well-needed days off with friends and family over the holiday season. With the holiday break coming to an end, I’m so excited to get back on snow as I have discovered something over our days off. Even though there is the saying, “train like you race,... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Jamie Casselman

January 4, 2018
I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and family time, I know the team sure is. We just finished a two-week race series at Panorama which had a very competitive field of national team, provincial team, college, and club team athletes. I’ve raced with Pano for the past three years so the hill was very... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Dawson Hill

December 28, 2017
Christmas time! Hello everyone, first off, I’d like to say thanks for tuning in and thanks for all the support we’ve received throughout the season so far – from sponsors and staff to volunteers at races. As a new guy on the team I’ve really been feeling all the support and effort everybody puts into... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Ashleigh Alexander

December 20, 2017
Hi everyone! Firstly I would like to mention Max Burkhart, a 17 year old racer from Germany who passed away after a horrible crash at the Lake Louise NORAMS. Although I didn’t know him personally, his death has deeply affected our team and the whole ski community. I want to send my thoughts and prayers... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Abby Harrison

December 5, 2017
The pre season training will be put to the test this weekend at Norquay for our first race. Physically, I feel well prepared. My mental game is a little bit off, but I still feel confident enough to go into this next race series with some decent goals for myself. The training has been great... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Adrien Grabinski

November 23, 2017
Hi everyone The team is well into the big pre-season training block at Nakiska. We are finally training some slalom and after spending most of the Saas Fee camps and the first week at Nakiska on GS and super G skis, it feels good to whack some gates. The snow is great, it is a... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Marcus Holm

November 17, 2017
Heading into Winter! Snow is finally abundant on the ground and the team is exited. We have had two productive camps in Europe under our belts. I think each member of the team should be diving into the season with confidence and motivation. In Europe we touched up on all our skills, tech through speed,... View Article