AST Journals

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Andrew Wilson

August 30, 2017
Hello all from sunny Saas-Fee (most of the time). The team has been here for a week now and we have already had our fair share of ups and downs with bad weather, T-bar breakdowns and some sickness going around. I have also been off snow for the last few days with a small ankle... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Carson Cook

August 16, 2017
I hope everyone’s having as great of a summer as we are! The Alberta Team is now engaged in the SaasFee training life with our new members and things are going great. So far we’ve had a few good days of skiing. But it seems like winter has decided to come a bit early and... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Adrien Grabinski

August 8, 2017
Hello, members of the ski racing community. I am writing my first Alberta alpine athletes journal. The summer has been long but the wait to be skiing again is almost over. The team is in full grind mode, we are continuing our daily workouts in the mornings and afternoons. Everyone is truly pushing their physical... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Kelvin Cochrane

August 1, 2017
Hello everyone! Currently the Alberta Ski Team is preparing to depart for our first training camp of the year over in Saas-Fee, Switzerland and pushing hard for our last week in the gym before we depart. Personally, I believe that this new dryland phase is the hardest one that we have endured. The coaches have... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Marcus Holm

July 24, 2017
Hello parents, ski people, supporters, Marcus here, checking in for my first Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal of the 2017/18 ski season! Last season ended, right after the Norquay race, due to my sore back that pulled me from spring training. I’ve been taking it easy and doing lots of physiotherapy which has allowed me to... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Abby Harrison

July 19, 2017
You know what I love? Waking up early in the morning for dryland, coming back home and napping for 5 hours, then going to another dryland session in the afternoon. Not having school is the nicest thing ever when the only thing you want to do is eat, sleep, and be an athlete. Last year... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Zoe Belczyk

July 10, 2017
Hello Everyone! Happy to be reporting in for my first Athlete Journal of the year! The team is currently in full dryland mode. Our workout program is based out of Peak Power in Calgary, but there are a few of us using alternate   facilities throughout the rest of the province. I’ve been training at... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Liam Wallace

July 4, 2017
Hello to all Alberta ski enthusiasts! I am very excited to be kicking off the athlete journal diaries this year! The team will be giving you weekly updates on our whereabouts, activities, and the typical day in the life of an Alberta Alpine athlete. So stay tuned for some great journals and video entries. As... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Mike Soetaert

March 29, 2017
Hey everyone! Since my last journal in January so much has happened! I hope you’ve all had a chance to read up on my teammates’ journals so you have an idea of what’s been going on.  With the turning of the seasons in full effect, the ever approaching finish to the race calendar draws near.... View Article

Alpine Insurance Athlete Journal – Zoe Belczyk

March 15, 2017
Hello everyone! Due to a set back this is my first athlete journal of the year! After an extensive summer gym training program, a couple on snow camps overseas, and some amazing pre-season skiing locally, my race season didn’t proceed as planned.  Unfortunately back in December at the Lake Louise NorAm I had a crash... View Article