April 24, 2020

Attention Alpine Parents:

Now is the time to register your student athlete in National Sport School. These are unprecedented and turbulent times filled with upheaval and uncertainty for everyone in Canada.

Happily, the National Sport School offers an educational experience which strongly supports your sport. We have a powerful combination of on line learning as well as in class teachers, sport focused service providers and other important techniques to support your student.

The NSS’s future is fully secured. WinSport and Calgary Board of Education (CBE) representatives have agreed on a 1-year, $1-lease extension for the NSS and will both work to find a permanent long-term solution for the school.

There are distinct and key advantages of the National Sport School: the unique integration of sport and academics, the student supports inherent in our operating model and the school’s culture of excellence. The school’s leadership assures the school’s integrity and the maintenance of high academic standards. Class scheduling flexibility accommodates student athletes. In the month of June every new registrant will have the chance to tap into shared insights from Clare Fewster, our Mental Performance Coach. Clare also works with Mount Royal University and the Canadian Sport Institute, will share insights on how athletes can grapple with lack of training or competition. Additionally, Les Gramantik, a world-renowned athletics coach and our speed and conditioning coach will share exercises to keep sharp and become a better athlete. These extra supports available are unique to NSS and designed to help student athletes stay resilient and help them nurture the right focused routines.

Alpine has historically had large number of registrants in NSS; we’d welcome more of your athletes to the fold. It is important to note that the upcoming school budget will be based upon the provincial government’s new funding model, which includes the end of May’s projected NSS enrollment for the school year starting September 1, 2020. It is critical we enroll all prospective NSS students from your sport prior to the end of May. Student numbers matter: the more students that enroll, the bigger the budget and the better the services all our student athletes will receive!

Now is the time to enroll. NSS application deadline has been extended to June 1st. No fees are applicable at this time. Please access the on-line materials available or contact the school to register in NSS next year.

WinSport understands the challenges of the current economic environment, and that some of you may be facing financial difficulties due to Covid19 and the downturn of Calgary’s economy. A limited bursary program is available to help off-set a portion of NSS/WinSport fees for those who are in economic need. Information on bursary availability can be obtained by contacting either Rob Jewan, Acting Principal of NSS, or me, Bernie Asbell, recently retired Vice President Sport, WinSport and now WinSport NSS Advisor. WinSport is also exploring the ways in which the bursary fund can be enlarged beyond its current support levels as we work to make the NSS more accessible for more families.

WinSport continues to work on assuring the best opportunities and outcomes for your student athletes. WinSport also looks forward to helping position NSS for the next 25 years on the WinSport campus.

We would greatly appreciate you sharing the information regarding National Sport School with your membership. Thanks in advance for your assistance to help sustain NSS and allow it to serve Alpine skiing.


Bernie Asbell

NSS WinSport Advisor

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