March 18, 2020

Finally some good news!

To All Members of Alberta Alpine:

We are pleased and excited to offer an amazing opportunity to our membership that will benefit Alberta Alpine members directly and also your Association. 

As Albertans we have seen firsthand the effects a sustained economic downturn has had on many facets of our lives. Alberta Alpine is not immune to those effects. Although we have a fantastic membership and several amazing sponsors, we have seen our corporate sponsorship shrink considerably over the last few years. Additionally we are experiencing grant challenges that will have a huge effect on our budgeting for this year.

We continue to strive to improve and better our offering to our members and are aware that many of our members are struggling in the same way. A patron has stepped forward to offer an amazing program that we can all participate in.

For You: One lucky member will be drawn from all the entrants and will earn a full equipment sponsorship for the 2020/21 season.  The actual prize will vary depending on age group and your chosen manufacturer but it will be amazing regardless! All equipment will be procured through our Official Retail Partner, Sporting Life.

For Alberta Alpine: A $20.00 donation will be made from the patron to Alberta Alpine for each and every member of Alberta Alpine that enters the sponsored draw .

All you have to do is go online and enter.  Easy as that!  Alberta Alpine will receive $20.00 for your entry and you have a chance at an amazing equipment sponsorship for the coming season. Limited to one entry per person. ENTER BY APRIL 24th at midnight!

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