February 13, 2020

It was an action-packed day up at Whiteface Mountain, which kicked off the speed week for the NorAm series. The women’s field started off the rainy day with their super G race. Then the morning rolled into the men’s super G race, and the afternoon brought the women back onto the hill to run the slalom for the overall alpine combined.

Throughout the day, both the men and the women had to work with the slow, softer snow conditions and the crummy weather, due to the rainfall. Nevertheless, the AST Athletes had a great showing.

The women clicked into their super G skis first, before the men’s field for their morning run. Because of the very wet snow, the super G had to be moved down the hill for safety precautions. This move transformed the pace for the athletes.

“The hill was pretty easy from the reserve start and the soft snow made the course relatively slow,” Mangan (Dartmouth) explained. “The course was very straightforward, and I think most people would call it an easy one.”

Men’s Super-G Race

The men tucked their way down the same hill and started from the same spot as the female athletes. The conditions of the course were very similar for the men, in relation to the women’s descriptions.

Women’s Alpine Combined Race

The women had to swap over to their short skis and completely change their mental game to finish out the alpine combined with a quick slalom set. Although the wet conditions brought some soft snow for SG runs, the slalom held up fairly well for the women’s field. 

Full Results, Women’s Super-G

Full Results, Men’s Super-G

Full Results, Women’s Alpine Combined


It was another intense day of racing at the Whiteface NorAms, with the men kicking out in super G and alpine combined, while the women threw down in a standalone SG.

The day kicked off with the women taking another crack at the Whiteface super G hill. In comparison to the first day of racing, the weather let up and the temperatures got colder overnight, which firmed up the surface.

With the firmer snow, the female athletes were ready to attack the super G course and take on some risks they might not have been able to do the day prior.

Men’s Super G and Alpine Combined

The exciting morning continued into the men’s super G race, which began the fight for the overall, alpine combined title. For the super G, the men took on a straighter course than the SG set the day before. They still had to deal with a surface that was on the wetter side, which made the speed challenging.

Nonetheless, the men persevered, and two Alpine Canadian Team athletes stepped on top of the podium to claim first and second position. Sam Mulligan (CAN) tucked his way down, sporting bib-15, coming through the finish line with the fastest time of 52.86. This was the nineteen-point SG skier’s fifth win for his career on the NorAm circuit.

Full Results, Women’s Super-G

Full Results, Men’s Super-G

Full Results, Men’s Alpine Combined

Originally published by Ellie Hartman – NorAm Contributor

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