October 31, 2019

Swix EVO Pro Electronic Edge Tuner

Swix Evo Pro Edge tuner is a high precision 110v side edge tuner, developed to restore, maintain and give the edge a World Cup finish.  The EVO is very easy to operate, due to its ergonomic design, quick disc change, and easy edge angle set-up.  The long-lasting diamond disc functions independently from the user pressure, as it is attached to a spring, making it impossible to mistakenly change the radius of the ski. The EVO comes with a high-quality FINE polishing diamond disc.  Using this diamond material makes the edge harder and more durable.  This ensures enhanced performance, especially on ice and artificially snow, which is pretty much what we can expect most of the season.

Benefits of the Swix EVO Pro Electronic Edge Tuner

  • Saves time especially when you have more than one pair of skis to work on!
  • Due to the high-quality diamond disc stones along with the high-speed rotation the edges become sharper and harder than one can achieve by hand.
  • Reduces the amount of edge removed during the tuning process, therefore, another benefit is a longer-lasting edge.
  • Small and compact….very easy to work with!
  • Cost!!!! Sure time is money and the EVO does save time but it also comes in at a very attractive price point making this a very approachable unit to purchase.

Swix EVO Pro Edge Tuner/Diamond Discs

You can find the EVO as well as the available Diamond Discs on our website:


EVO Spare Diamond Disc Program:

  1. TA3013G Coarse; for edge angle set up on new skis as well as deburring when the edge is damaged.
  2. TA3013M Medium; this is a perfect disc to maintain sharpness and freshen up the edge when you need more than an edge polish. Consider this your file!
  3. TA3013F Fine; super precise World Cup polishing and edge hardener. This disc comes with the EVO.
  4. TA3013XF Extra Fine; incredibly fine edge hardener and polisher.  Especially good for speed events.


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