October 3, 2019

Sidewall Bevels and Base Bevels – Some Key Points

Before I start showing you videos of how to sharpen your skis I thought it would be best to decode the sidewall bevel and the base bevels.  I want you to have a clear understanding of how you can enhance edge angle to best compliment the skill level.

Side Wall Bevel

The side wall bevel is determined by the amount of edge angle a racer can achieve.  The greater the edge angle the more you need to increase the bevel to compliment this essential skill.  Swix bevel guides range from 90º to 85º but most common are 88º and 87º. Picking the right angle for you is simple!  Since most racers are achieving some degree of edge angle and are learning to max that out you can in theory start at 88º and progress to 87º.  I would suggest a coaches input as well it should all feel natural.  The photo here illustrates a young racer clearly demonstrating fantastic edging skills so my recommendation would be an 87º side wall bevel.

Base Bevel

The base bevel is another area where it can be confusing but for the most part if you keep it simple there should be no issues.  Swix has a base bevel tool for 1º, 0.75º and 0.5º degree’s.  I mostly recommend 0.75º for Junior Skis and 0.5º for FIS Skis.  Most ski manufactures follow these guidelines for race skis.  What’s important is to make sure you are using the right tool correctly so you keep the base bevel intact.  You are trying to maintain that bevel not change it!

Tools Needed

  1. Side Wall Cutter
    • My video this week illustrates how this is used.  This is a tool that cuts back the protective sidewall known as “ABS”.  It must be done in harmony of proper edge stoning and filing.
  2. Side Edge File Guide
    • There are many file guides to choose from but you should be looking for a metal or high grade aluminum type with clamp.  The surface that is place on the base must be smooth…..I find anything plastic contradicts this.
  3. Base Edge File Guide
    • Again many different types to choose from.  This tool need to be precise and the stone or file must be securely held into place.  You want to minimize any chance that the stone or file can slip.
  4. You can find the above products here: https://www.swixsport.com/en/wax/tools/edge-tuning/?page=1 and https://www.swixsport.com/en/wax/tools/edge-tuning/?page=2

Swix Side Wall Remover Video:

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