October 3, 2019

Alberta Alpine held it’s 2019 Annual General Meeting on Saturday, September 28 at Winsport in Calgary. The room was full with members representing 29 member clubs from across the province. Rob McCloskey and Gavin Preziosi provided a review of their first year in the roles of President and Provincial Program Director, respectively, and outlined the vision for the year ahead. Projects and initiatives in the coming year will continue to address the 2018-2022 Alberta Alpine Strategic Plan, building upon successes and learnings from year one. Areas of specific focus for the year ahead include athlete retention, the overall business model and sponsorship, and developing exciting new programs, specifically in collaboration with the University of Calgary (see Rob & Gavin’s presentations below)
Also, a huge thank you to Zac Reynolds and Phil Tremblay, and Ashleigh Alexander and Claire Timmermann for introducing their teammates on the Alberta Ski Cross Team (ASXT) and Alberta Ski Team (AST), and discussing the importance of both programs for the athlete pathway in Alberta (see their presentations below).
The AGM also saw the following nomination of new and returning Directors to the Board of Alberta Alpine:
  • Joanne Gray, re-elected Director
  • Stephen Carter, re-elected Director
  • Gregg Ferguson, re-elected Director
  • Charles Gushaty, new Director 
  • Emily Shilletto, new Director 
  • James Kucera, new Director
  • Damien Mills, new Director
In addition to those above, the Board of Directors of Alberta Alpine includes: 
  • Geoff Irwin
  • Greg Sylvestre
  • Libby Smith (South Zone Chair)
  • Terry Mix
  • Crick Nelson
  • Oliver Trpcic
  • David Chen


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