March 22, 2019

Legends U14 Speed camp at Nakiska

After what was believed to be a successful Legends U16 speed camp at Lake Louise, managing a camp for the U14s should be a breeze, I’ve been there done that, just do your best and it’ll all workout.

Wrong! Turns out the U14s like to travel in packs of 140 and the Gold chair at Nakiska is super-efficient… Maybe, “wrong” isn’t the word I should have used because after all the coaches pitched in to shovel out Barry’s buried B-Net and the environments were set up we managed to get this operation up and running somewhat smoothly.

Organized chaos, that’s the descriptor I was looking for! When you come together as one massive team and provide 140 athletes with 8-10 runs of Super G on day one after dealing with the variables. You take the positives, learn from your mistakes and look to improve.

On to day 2, well oiled machine, now we’re talking. The athletes linked upper Mapmaker together for the full-length experience and made the most of the new discipline where Super G meets Ski Cross section on the bottom. Providing a ski cross start which featured two wutangs and a step up had the athletes moving through terrain, working for speed and gaining body awareness as they rolled right into the roller and speed jump course. SO FUN!!

When it was all said and done, I’m going to strike it up as a great camp and something we can build on in the future. To sum it up, there was lots of volume, lots of learning, significant air time and terrain management, and most importantly everyone gained confidence and was searching for speed!

Normally I’d be ripping on Mother Nature for cold weather or snow given speed was on the table for the week but she provided warm sunny skies and good vibes for all. Thank you athletes for you spirit, coaches for working together as a team, Todd Haywood, Erin Fynn and Rob McCloskey for your help setting up and a special thank you to Nakiska for your support and building us some fun rollers and a jump!


 – Gavin Preziosi, Alberta Alpine Provincial Program Director

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