March 15, 2019

The Alberta Alpine Alumni and Awards Committee is thrilled to announced that their nomination of Bob Leitch to the Calgary Booster Club class of Honoured Athletic Leaders was successful, and Bob will take the stage on Sunday, April 14, 2019, to receive this incredibly deserving honour. 

Bob has been a friendly and familiar face in our ski racing community since he was an athlete on the Alberta Ski Team. Since then, Bob has given extensively of himself to our sport, serving as a board member for Calgary Alpine Racing Club (CARC) for 15 years, CARC Board Chair for 10 years, Alberta Alpine board member for five years, the Chair of Alberta Alpine for two years, a race volunteer for 18 years, a Technical Delegate for 4 years, and of course as the Lake Louise North American (NorAm) Cup Chief of Course for 9 years. 

During his service to ski racing in Alberta, Bob has managed to create a true sense of family at every event he is involved in – and nothing speaks to this more than the dedicated ROC and volunteers he leads every December at the Lake Louise NorAm. Bob volunteers with heart, passion, knowledge, and expertise, and we are so incredibly grateful he is a member of our community. 

If you would like to attend the Calgary Booster Club’s 66th Annual Sportsman of the Year Gala to honour Bob, please see the link below to purchase tickets. 

On behalf of the staff, board, and athletes of Alberta Alpine, and the countless volunteers, coaches, officials, friends, and family of ski racing in Alberta – a well deserving congratulations to you, Bob! We love you! 

Tickets and more information: 


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