March 8, 2019

Mi Amigos and Amigas!

Thank you for joining us at this years JJO festivities! This past weekend saw just under 400 athletes, over 200 volunteers and a host of supportive families and race fans. Our amazing ROC pulled off 3 fully timed race courses simultaneously as well as introduced “The Hombre Shootout” for the first time on Sunday. All 400 athletes had an opportunity to run a multi-discipline full panel gate obstacle course, complete with multiple jumps and rollers to contend with. The oldest athletes ran an almost 2 minute thigh burning run from the top of upper dromedary to the bottom of lower dromedary. At one point our amazing timing team registered 7 pulses on this gargantuan track. Everyone had a blast and nobody got hurt. This weekend we also hosted the first ever JJO athlete dance. This was a drop off style, lights and sound dance at the Jasper Rec center complete with break dance competitions and ski videos in the background. Needless to say our little racers slept well on Saturday night! We want to thank all of our cherished volunteer staff, amazing sponsors, race families, AASA, and Marmot Basin for all of the support. Without you, our village would not be what it is and our athletes would not have the enriched experiences that they during these events.

With Love,
Cory “El Heffe” Brightwell
Race Chairman

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