February 14, 2019

Westcastle ROC and Castle Mountain Resort

When facing temperature of near -30 and u14’s from across the province on route for a race at Castle, what do you do? Get propane for heat, steal t-posts, bamboo, tarps and zip ties for shelter and chainsaws for seating! What more would you need to provide a nice warm start shack about forty feet from the start posts? One extremely committed ROC with a “we will not fail” attitude that thought of just about everything.

The Westcastle race team have been planning for this race for the past five years after being dealt extreme cold weather the last time they attempted to host a u14 race.

Their traditional race run is serviced by the Huckleberry chair lift that offers greater snow depth and much less work to host a race. Knowing that this is a winter sport and extreme cold is a possibility they approached Castle Mountain Resort (CMR) with a plan to host a race on the T-Bar. The plan included installing major snow fencing, fall brushing, fertilizing and grooming in the weeks and month leading up to the race.

Knowing the T-Bar doesn’t deal well with the cold, the team at CMR provided their most experienced maintenance staff and were warming up their trusty stead as early as 6am so it would be ready for the race.

Wade Grandoni, President of the Westcastle club said, “The entire team demanded a safe, fair race on a quality track.” He went on to add “All four races for each gender had all the kids competing and racing, not just surviving. I’m very satisfied with the outcome and proud of all involved!”

Alberta Alpine would like to thank everyone with the Westcastle club and the resort for their efforts in making this happen and to everyone participating at the event for giving them a chance. Well done!


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