January 25, 2019

By: Hannah Willinger

Bow Valley Quikies host over 140 athletes at BVQ Invitational

It was a fast weekend for Banff Alpine Racers at Mount Norquay as athletes from across the Bow Valley duked it out for annual BVQ Invitational. 140 U8 and U10 athletes from Canada Olympic Park (COP), Lake Louise, Naskiska Alpine Ski Association (NASA) and Banff participated in the relay-style race.

This year saw a switch in venue, with the race happening on Cascade Chair right in the front of the lodge. The weather could not have been better as the blue sky and sunshine radiated the panels and spectators. Parents and coaches chanted as speed suits flew by.

Athletes were divided up in teams; U10 teams consisted of 10 athletes per team, with a total of 10 teams. U8 teams consisted of 5 athletes per team with seven teams in total. The relay allowed for all athletes to get between seven and 10 race runs; double that of a traditional two-run style race. 

Races are an awesome way for young athletes and parents to meet other likeminded people from different clubs.  These relay style races introduce a different kind of competitive team spirit that can aid a flourishing community within ski racing. 

See you at the finish line! 

CLICK HERE to see the team relay event photos via facebook



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