January 4, 2019

Provincial Advisory Council (PAC) Age Group Representatives

Role of the Representatives: The reps will be the link to Alberta Alpine and will work with the coaches, in their age division, to ensure the setters list and referee duties are spread out evenly amongst the Alberta Alpine member clubs. The Alberta Alpine Provincial Program Director will correspond with the reps throughout the season and receive reports on the various events, issues and suggestions for the future. 

This year the setter and referee duties will be assigned by clubs, not individual coaches, as it has been in the past. If a club has a coach with limited race setting experience, and would like to give them an opportunity, that coach should be assisted by a senior coach.

Goal: To ensure a senior operational level coach is present at each level of ski racing in Alberta to act as a formal liaison between the Alberta Alpine Ski Association (AASA) and age group coaches group.


  • To assist AASA in maintaining a current perspective and update to understanding at all levels of ski racing in Alberta
  • To assist AASA in maintaining high-quality athletic environments at events
  • To assist AASA in meaningful and open communication with the provincial coaches group Duties:
  • Manage Course Setter’s List with AASA Staff and ROC’s (U12, U14, U16, FIS)
  • Manage Referee’s List with AASA Staff and ROC’s (U12, U14, U16, FIS)
  • Formally Report to PAC and AASA on age group race and event quality
  • Assist PAC and AASA is staying up to date with Current Issues throughout the Race Season

The PAC Reps for 2018/19 will be: 


North Zone: Bianca Cacioceanu – Sunridge

South Zone: Scott Schroeder – SKIM/NASA



North Zone: Billy Willes – Snow Valley

South Zone: Charlie Leonn – BVQ



South Zone: Gianpiero Giordano – Lake Louise

North Zone: Tessa Dakin – Rabbit Hill



North Zone: Amanda Smith – Snow Valley

South Zone: Garrett Wilson – Sunshine


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gavin Preziosi, AASA Provincial Program Director.

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