January 4, 2019

U16 Canada Winter Games

(Red Deer/Nakiska February 23-March 3, 2019)   

➢ Canadian Domestic Quota policy provides for a Team Alberta represented by 14 U16 athletes (7 men & 7 women).   

➢ Selection will be based on the results of the Opening U16 Series Races    

➢ 12 athletes will be selected from Criteria’s A and B and the last 2 athletes selected may be exposed to criteria C if needed *  

➢ All Team Alberta athletes will compete in all 4 disciplines SG/GS/SL/SX  

➢ Selection to Team Alberta will occur in the following order:   

➢ Criteria A  

  1. Race winners are automatically selected   
  1. Winners are gold medalists   

➢ Criteria B   

  1. Highest combined points from any two races – 200 max.  
  1. In the event of a tie, the spot goes to the racer with the best single event finish.    
  1. If still tied the tiebreaker will be race points accumulated in their top two finishes.  

➢ Criteria C   

  1. *Special Circumstance (if needed) an official request by one of the U16 head coaches should be tabled before the end of Jan 9th, 2019.   
  1. *only used if needed. Coaches discretion – 2 spots max  

➢ Athletes named to Team Alberta for the Canada Winter Games will travel, room, and operate as a team and will be supported by a group of coaches selected and managed by Alberta Alpine.   

➢ Team Alberta coaches will be chosen by the Provincial Program Director based on: athletes qualified for the event, certification level, demonstrated ability to work as part of a team, and coaching development needs.


Any questions, please contact Gavin Preziosi, Provincial Program Director.

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