October 5, 2018

Saturday, September 29th marked the Annual General Meeting, which began at 10am and was held at the Markin MacPhail Building at WinSport in Calgary. Representatives of the membership were presented with the Association’s financial statements for the past year, approved next year’s auditor, received presentations from the chair, members of staff and the Strategic Plan for 2018-2022. The results of annual election for Directors positions with the Board of Alberta Alpine is as follows:

Crick Nelson       2018 – Elected

Oliver Trpcic       2018 – Elected

Geoff Irwin       2018 – Elected

Stephen Carter     2017 – Elected

Howard Cook         2015, 2017 – Elected

Gregg Ferguson    2015, 2017 – Elected

Joanne Gray           2015, 2017 – Elected

Greg Sylvestre      2016 – Re-Elected

David Chen             2016 – Re-Elected

Terry Mix                 2016 – Re-Elected

Libby Smith        2018 – Appointed SZ Chair

Charles Gushaty   2017 – Appointed NZ Chair

In the first meeting of the new board, which followed the AGM at 1pm, Joanne Gray was re-elected as Chair, Dave Chen as Vice-Chair and Terry Mix as Executive Committee Member.


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