September 21, 2018

37% of active Alpine Ski coaches in Alberta are female. 90% of those female coaches are working in Entry Level Programs and leave the industry after 2 to 3 years.

Alberta Alpine is launching a new program for female coaches, the She Can Coach Mentorship Program, and we’re asking clubs to provide us with female coaches referrals;

  1. who are looking to share their expertise and experience; a mentor
  2. who are wanting to enhance and expand their knowledge; a mentee

This mentorship program is aimed to increase the number of females coaching in Alpine Ski Racing, in Alberta.

Just like female athletes, in order to keep female coaches in the sport at a professional level, they require a working community that is supportive and empowers each other – this is where our “She Can Coach Mentorship Program” comes in. The program is geared towards female alpine ski coaches, looking to connect and learn from other female coaches in the province, who can help build their “coaching toolkit” and show them the possibilities of remaining in alpine ski coaching long term.

We are currently asking for referrals for female Mentor coaches (by Oct 1st), and will soon expand the search for Mentee coaches (Oct 15th).

What is a Mentor Coach:

  • An individual with advanced knowledge and experiences who is committed to providing career support to a protégé/mentee coach.

What is a Mentee Coach:

  • An individual who is looking to connect and enhance the coaching knowledge and support network, to ensure their involvement in coaching for many years to come.

Attached is the She Can Coach Mentorship Program overview, along with both Mentor & Mentee information; roles, expectations & key dates. The program kicks off on Oct 19th, with the NCCP Mentorship Module training, in conjunction with the Alberta Alpine Fall Coaches Meetings in Canmore.

Please forward your Mentor Coach referrals to the Gavin Preziosi, AASA Provincial Program Director, by Monday, October 1st, 2018.

The She Can Coach Mentorship Program is supported by Alberta Sport Connection and the Women in Sport Leadership Impact Grant.






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