September 4, 2018


Powering Up for Preseason!

Hello and welcome to 2018 preseason.

Preseason is generally the time before the season starts and is jammed full of good intention.  It is also full of a new school schedule, reacquainting with new and old friends and a renewed commitment to the gym/outdoor training.  It is exciting, but it can also feel hectic.

Here are few hints to get your preseason started:

Start with a plan:

  1. Decide what is most important for your success and build a schedule that prioritizes this first when you have the most energy
  2. Fill in the rest of your schedule with lesser priority items
  3. Because this is about nutrition plan to fuel and be accountable
  4. Eat without judgement by listening to your bodies hunger & fullness cues
  5. Don’t try to change the world but make small improvements you can accomplish daily

Build a plan with a purpose:

Ensure you plan to fuel Post Exercise to obtain your maximum Recovery.  The optimal time for Fueling post exercise is 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Post-exercise fueling is a critical time and supports:

  • Recovery
  • Building muscle mass
  • Replenishing lost stores
  • Rehydrating

Plan when you exercise and plan your snacks/meals to optimize your workout.  Snacks are good for curbing cravings and should be readily available.  Meals should be planned and consumed within the 30-60 minute window or 1-2 hours following the snack.  Keep a variety of foods available to help fuel post workout.

Fuel sources should include:

  • Protein – Help to rebuild muscles that were broken down
  • Carbohydrates – Helps to prevent further breakdown and replenishes muscles & body
  • Fluids – Helps replace fluids lost during a workout
  • Fruits/veggies – Provides good vitamins/minerals, fibre and water.


  • Oatmeal cooked in milk vs water + raisins or apples and peanut butter
  • Grilled Cheese with Turkey + Orange
  • Bagel + Hard boiled egg + Slice of cheese + Banana
  • Pita Pizza + Chicken + Tomato sauce + Cheese + peppers
  • Energy Bites + Smoothies

Happy Fueling

Leslie Steeves RD

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