June 13, 2018


Fueling on Your Rest Days:

Rest days are a critical part of training and help the body to recover and replenish. I often get the question from athletes about how to fuel on rest days. The awesome thing about bodies is that they will let you know what they need. However, if you ever have controlled your intake through a diet or ignoring your hunger/fullness cues you may feel confused as to what your bodies telling you. Below are tips of how to fuel on rest days.

  • Tip #1:
    • Rest days are not for restriction: Your body will likely need similar fuel and fueling times to your exercise days. The body can take from 24-48 hours to recover = we need to fuel it accordingly. Foods to include on recovery days are:
Carbohydrates: Help to replenish the fuel for muscles. Remember that it can take up to 48 hours for recovery. IE) Bread, potatoes, squash, pasta, rice, quinoa, muffins
      • Protein: Helps to repair muscle break down. IE) Beans, tofu, meat, peanut/nut butter, eggs, fish
      • Fibre: Helps to keep you regular and high fibre foods contain lots of vitamins and minerals. IE) Veggies, fruit, whole grains, ground flax seeds, chia, hemp
      • Fats: Help to support metabolism- hormone production, cell signalling, nutrient transport and vitamin/nutrient absorption. IE) Avocados, oils, ground flax seeds
. Bodies love routine its important to honouring your hunger cues as fuel levels will likely vary.
  • Tip #2:
    • Fuel Consistently: Having food available for consistent fueling is critical. Most of us need to fuel around every three hours to function optimally. Consistently fueling helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and can help with cravings. Most important it to tap into your hunger cues.
Tip #3:
    • Plan It Out: Have easy grab and go snacks on hand! This will help for those busy days and have food available to nourish your body consistently. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • Tip #4:
    • Hydrate: Sip on water throughout the day to stay hydrated also great to prep/pre hydrate for your exercise the following day. Showing up hydrated allows for optimum performance.
  • Tip #5:
    • Sleep: Adequate sleep is beneficial for recovery and repairing of muscles and your brain. Sleep is the a critical component for optimum performance. Its important to create good sleep hygiene routine. IE) Removing electronics/TV 2 hours before bed, going to bed at the same time, reading or listening to relaxing music, etc.

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