June 1, 2018

Canmore, AB – Alberta Alpine is excited to announce the nominees and invitees to the 2018-19 Alberta Ski Team.

Athletes that have been nominated have met selection criteria, and/or have been recommended at coach’s discretion.

Invitee athletes represent some of the provinces most talented athletes who are committed to advancing their skills to the next level. These athletes have been selected to participate in summer training and on-snow camps, before a final Alberta Ski Team decision is announced after the fall camp in October, at the end of the general preparation phase.

In a statement provided, Alberta Ski Team Head Coach Darin McBeath said that, “the Alberta Invitees are selected athletes who display the potential to make the next step and compete at an elite level on the Alberta Ski Team. They have shown through their performance and attitude that they are committed athletes. I’d like to welcome and congratulate all athletes and families of the Alberta Ski Team and Invitees. I look forward to a productive training season in the coming months.”

Alberta Alpine congratulates each athlete on this achievement, and is looking forward to a bright season ahead.

Nominated Women:

  • Claire Timmermann (2000. Banff Alpine Racers)
  • Ashleigh Alexander (2000. Calgary Alpine Racing Club)
  • Kiara (Kiki) Alexander* (2001. Sunshine Alpine Racers)

Nominated Men:

  • Adrien Grabinski (1999. Sunshine Alpine Racers)
  • Andrew Wilson (1999. Sunshine Alpine Racers)
  • Dawson Hill (1999. Team Panorama)
  • Kelvin Cochrane (1999. Banff Alpine Racers)

Invitee Women:

  • Tora Hoshizaki (2001. National Alpine Training Centre)
  • Charlie Comeau* (2001. Team Panorama)

Invitee Men:

  • Angus Musgrave (1998. Sunshine Alpine Racers)
  • Caeden Carruthers (2001. National Alpine Training Centre)

Alberta Ski Team Head Coach:

  • Darin McBeath

Alberta Alpine would also like to congratulate and acknowledge athletes from the 2017-18 Alberta Ski Team, who are moving on to pursue new opportunities in ski racing, coaching, and post-secondary education.

Nominated to the Canadian Alpine Ski Team Men’s Development Team:

  • Liam Wallace (1999. Sunshine Alpine Racers)
  • Jamie Casselman (2000. Team Panorama)

Pursing other opportunities in the sport and/or post-secondary education:

  • Carson Cook (1998. Snow Valley Racing)
  • Sam Wall (1998. Banff Alpine Racers)
  • Marcus Holm (1998. Banff Alpine Racers)
  • Ryan Webster (1998. Banff Alpine Racers)
  • Zoe Belczyk (1998. Sunshine Alpine Racers)
  • Abby Harrison (1999. Calgary Alpine Racing Club)

For additional information regarding Alberta Alpine and the Alberta Ski Team, please contact Rob McCloskey, President, Alberta Alpine at rob@albertaalpine.ca.

*indicates athlete has declined nomination to focus on completion of high school diploma.



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