May 3, 2018


4 Tips To Hydrate During Spring Skiing:

Spring skiing is one of the greatest times of year!  While this spring has felt more like mid-winter there are some key hydration tips to keep in mind for those sunny spring ski days.  Good hydration prevents muscle damage making for quicker recovery.  If you are feeling thirsty you are already experiencing the ill effects of dehydration.  Fluid consumption quantity varies among individuals the easiest way to check your hydration status is looking at your urine. Pale yellow (hydrated) à Apple juice (dehydrated), unless you are taking a multi-vitamin.  Check out the 4 tips below to stay hydrated during your spring ski:

  1. Show up hydrated. 
    • Hydrating should start the day prior.  If you are skiing on Friday be diligent and hydrate on Thursday.
  2. Breakfast:
    • Hydrate at breakfast by drinking water or a glass or milk (80% water).
  3. Pack fruit/veggies
    • Fruits & Veggies can help to hydrate while your skiing.   Keep fruits like a peeled orange or grapes in your jacket pockets, these help to hydrate and fuel while riding the chair.
  4. Bring a water bottle
    • If gate training put your water bottle at the bottom of the hill sip ever lap
    • Rehydrate during lunch, and on the drive home.  Start rehydrating as soon as you step off the hill.

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