March 14, 2018


We are right in the heart of the race season now. It’s been a wild ride these past few races and I definitely learned a thing or two about taking care of my body. I’ve recently been having a few back problems, so I’m staying back from this next race in Kimberley to focus on my physio and make sure that I am going to be in tip top shape for Red Mountain and Panorama. I had to skip a few starts during these past few races in Whistler and Grouse because of my back, so I think the best option right now is to let myself heal and focus on the future instead of pushing myself and risking more missed races. Other than that, things have remained consistent in my mental and physical training. I’ve started making peace with a few aspects of my ski career, and am excited to finish off this season having given it my all with an amazing group of athletes and friends by my side. I haven’t yet reached my goals for this season, but I’m going to use this training block during Kimberley to ready myself for this final stretch, and keep my back in the best condition for my desired performance.

Thanks, Abby


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