March 10, 2018

Hey everyone,

Adrien here, checking in for my last Alberta alpine journal of the year. During the past week the Alberta team was split in two different groups, half of us where skiing the tech series in Whistler and Grouse  while the other half was skiing speed in Copper, Colorado.

I was skiing the Nor-Am speed series down in the US.

It was really exciting to ski a new resort and Downhill track. The course was a lot of fun, with all sorts of rolls and micro terrain to play with, it resembles a roller coaster track.  We had plenty of time on the downhill making it a great opportunity for learning

the subtleties of skiing fast on the flats. Everyone on the team substantially improved there skiing as the week progressed. However no one managed to punch in a good result during the races, which is a true testament to the importance of experience in speed.

It takes a lot to stay calm and cool, when it really matters.

On the drive back home we also braved some less than ideal road conditions and I would like to thank JM and our trusty GMC van (named Betsy) for making the trip home uneventful.

On the other hand the second half of the ski team enjoyed a good powder day at whistler and some great results. Jamie, Ashleigh, Sam and Claire all claimed some well deserved podium time.

Thanks for reading!



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