March 8, 2018

Week 2: Foster Healthy Eating Habits

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Try these 9 Tips!

  1. Making a weekly plan helps with decision making, eating foods that you want, saves money, and reduces impulse eating.
  2. Let go of Black & White: Your plan doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  Build a plan that works for your life.   This may be a combination of planning home cooked meals, take out options and pre-prepared salads/options. Resources: Healthy chef, Fit Kitchen, Chefs plate, made foods
  3. Favorite Foods: Identify what foods feel best for you Foods that nourish you/Taste delicious
  4. Try a new dish:  Recipe swap with friends, Do a spin off one of your favorite classic recipes
  5. Plan to have meals free of distraction and at a table.
  6. Build a dinner routine that is stress free and is in an enjoyable relaxing environment
  7. Creating balance; Veggies, fruits, carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats into your meals.
  8. Check in with your hunger cues and strategize how to manage these:
    • Physiological Hunger:  Stomach is growling, haven’t eating in a long time/plan snacks
    • Emotional Hunger:  Stress full day at work, boredom, distracted eating/set a timer, try to identify emotion (stress, happiness, tired board),
    • Mouth Hunger: Just need the taste of a food generally due to habit (dessert after dinner), or smelling something that taste good (mini doughnuts, fresh cookies

9. Find healthy outlets for stress: Exercise, meditation, self care practices, talking with a friend/family member.

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