February 20, 2018

Hello everyone, hope everybody has enjoyed the great skiing over the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, I have missed out on all the action due to a ski crash mid-January. Not entirely sure what happened but ski patrol found be wandering around in the trees all delusional and cut up claiming to have not crashed! Thankfully they ignored me and put me in the sled for my ride down. My teammate Zoe than drove me to the hospital where they told me I hit my head and bruised my brain in two spots (cerebral contusion) and that my season was probably over. Spending the night in the hospital wasn’t bad since teammates stopped by and sent their regards, Thanks guys!  As soon as I got home I felt much better than I had expected and thought I’d be returning to snow by now! Not knowing the difference between a concussion and a contusion.  Although I cannot ski yet, since I don’t know if it’s safe to hit my head again, I can return to doing things in the gym and so on. Don’t have to go stir crazy in the basement anymore!  As for my return to snow, I really have no idea when to expect since the brain doc I need to see has a wait-list packed until April. Dr. Benson at the Winsport Benson Concussion Institute, where the Alberta Ski Team does baseline concussion testing with at the beginning of the year, has acknowledged how well I’m doing symptomatically and will try to help me get in faster – Thank you Dr. Benson. As for now you will find me at the gym, climbing gym, and at home watching the Olympics!!!! something I’ve always loved. Pretty good timing 😉

I am super excited to ski again and miss it very much but with everything our team has learned and seen this year I know that things could be much worse. I’m doing my best to be present during these calm days and trying to be patient! Thanks for the messages everybody, and to my Mom and Dad, for the extra caring I needed. I hope all my amazing teammates make strides towards their true ability and goals for the races coming up, and hope I’ll be joining them soon before race season is over. Thanks for reading!

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