February 8, 2018


I hope everyone’s been enjoying the amazing ski conditions we’ve had lately! The team is currently half way through our race series of the season!

The Kimberly races series were very success the team, many of us got onto the podium. When the team was in Kimberly Liam made his first debut at world juniors in Switzerland! I’m so proud of him, and happy we had someone overseas representing! I would also like to add that speed races are hard to get off in prefect conditions, so a big thanks to all the volunteers in Kimberly that got the race off with the various weather conditions we had!  Also shout to Ash for making her return to racing in Kimberly, after her knee injury in early December.

The next few weeks are going to be busy! After a solid block of training and a few deep powder days, the team in gearing up for either Snow King Wyoming or Eastern race series.  On Thursday the girls leave for snow king, followed by the boys a couple days later, expect Jamie and Liam who go out east.  I have never raced at Snow King so I’m stoked for the new experience and change of scenery.  After I will be heading down to Copper for the speed Nor-am finals with a few of the boys, the rest of the team head up to whistler/ Grouse for some tech events.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go Cat Skiing for the first time! A big thanks to Cam Clay (Alpine Insurance) for letting me tag along with his crew! Some of the best and most soulful turns I have ever had! It was so refreshing to get off the icy hard pack and get some deep powder runs!!!!!!

Also I know everyone is missing Marcus right now, and hoping he gets back to snow ASAP after his crash at Nakiska.

Thanks for the read, and I hope to see everyone on the slopes soon!


– Zoe


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