February 1, 2018


Hello to all Alberta Alpine peoples…

I’m talking to you from a small town in Switzerland called Parpan, a small place at the base of Lenzerhede Mountain, where I will be spending my next training block before heading to Davos for the World Junior tech races.

Being my first trip on the road this year I’m excited to change things up at a new location finally. The December series and NorAms were great back home. Along with some good Nakiska training days and the most recent tech races at Louise which were also quite good, but I am happy to be in a new place. This hill has just finished with the womens World Cup and is now a popular training spot for Junior Swiss teams especially.

I’ve realized so far this trip that having good friends in good places is a necessity when you want to get things done (something Thedy has embraced with coming back to his home country for sure) by getting all this great training space. Today, for example, we just skied around to see the sites and get a feel for the snow. Always cool exploring a new place! Leading into a training block before the races start next week.

Hope all is well so far this ski season!!

– Liam


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