December 28, 2017

Christmas time!

Hello everyone, first off, I’d like to say thanks for tuning in and thanks for all the support we’ve received throughout the season so far – from sponsors and staff to volunteers at races. As a new guy on the team I’ve really been feeling all the support and effort everybody puts into the team, so thank you to everybody for that.

We’ve just finished up our NOR-AM and FIS series races in Panorama which all went off relatively smoothly (some weather issues here and there). As Panorama is my home hill I personally had a great time here and I think everybody else can say the same to one capacity or another. There was tonnes of great competition here that really got us working and showed us what we want to strive for. In my mind everybody took some kind of success out of this trip, the team was skiing well and while I didn’t get some of the results that I wanted I want to take as much out of the races as I can. The snow was fantastic, held up well and we even got a bit of powder at the end of the week (which I do plan to exploit on our time off).  I want to reiterate I think everybody had a good time and can take a lot out of the trip to Pano – and of course we will be returning a couple more times later in the year for a some more races which should be unhindered by snow-making fog.

Moving into our Christmas break, everybody has their own plans, I myself am staying here in Pano with my family for some much-needed R & R.  After a solid 3 weeks of racing everybody was starting to wear down, and Christmas time is the perfect scenario to close it all out. The break will give everybody some time to regroup, rest and recharge, and spend some quality time with their families. Of course, just because we aren’t racing or training, doesn’t mean that some of us won’t be putting the boots back of to get out and make some ungoverned turns in powder! I hope everybody gets out and does something to get the legs moving, and spends some time enjoying some free wintertime with family and friends.

Now I do have to address the tragedy that occurred on Dec. 5 2017, at Lake Louise. None of us knew Max Burkhart, but his death left a mark on all of us. The rest of that series was a very difficult time for everyone and I’d like to say thank you to the staff of Alberta Alpine and Alpine Canada Alpin, for all the support everyone received. They arranged a group support session which we all took part in (which I think was extremely beneficial), and we were all given printed memorial stickers for Max which we all wear on our helmets at this time. I do believe the situation was handled extremely professionally, so once again thank you to all who were involved in that.

I’d would also like to extend my most sincere condolences to Max’s family as I am sure these holidays will be an extremely difficult time for them.

I hate to end on such a somber note, but regardless I would like to send out a thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters, Alpine Insurance, Descente, Sporting Life, Dale of Norway, Nakiska, Ski Big 3, Silvertip Resort, Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge and Western GMC Buick, as well as a personal thanks to HEAD Ski Canada. I hope everybody reading has a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or an otherwise fantastic holiday season and we will be back again in the new year!

– Dawson Hill

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