November 23, 2017

Hi everyone

The team is well into the big pre-season training block at Nakiska. We are finally training some slalom and after spending most of the Saas Fee camps and the first week at Nakiska on GS and super G skis, it feels good to whack some gates. The snow is great, it is a little soft but that helps us train for some of the ruts we will be experiencing  during the nor am races. the coaches are really pushing for a lot of volume; in the past two days we have skied over 1000 gates of slalom. All of that slalom skiing puts a lot of strain on the body and it gets very tiring very fast, so it is key to stretch and recover every day.  In addition to the slalom we are also taking time to run in our Downhill skis.

The sporting life event was a lot of fun we got to see the brand new market mall location and meet one of our great sponsors. Thanks Descente for keeping the team looking fresh! And to all the sponsors for the help and support!

I would also like to mention David Poisson a charismatic veteran of the French speed team  who sadly passed away at Nakiska on the 13th of November. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his friends and family.

–  Adrien Grabinski


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