November 17, 2017

Heading into Winter! Snow is finally abundant on the ground and the team is exited. We have had two productive camps in Europe under our belts. I think each member of the team should be diving into the season with confidence and motivation. In Europe we touched up on all our skills, tech through speed, and then really started to push times. My favourite part. Now having spent a whole lot of time with the team I can establish my opinion on everybody. My verdict is that everybody is insanely awesome! Everyone is charging 100% on the hill and ok to kick back and take some perspective off the hill. Same thing for the staff. Thedy, Jen, JM, and Mike all provide excellent material to help us make strides on becoming not just a good athletes but hopefully great athletes. Thank you everybody

I personally am exited to train at home for the next month on Canadian snow! This is the longest bloc we have during our race season so I’m looking forward to getting things more dialed in. For me those things are line, little bit of technique, and a lot of intensity. After a lot of time in the gym I feel the most prepared for this time of the year I have ever been, minus a small injury at the end of the last sass fee camp. Working One on One with a sports physiologist and nutritionist has also been a good reminder heading into the season of all the areas that can be sharper. Thank you Shawnee Harle and Leslie Steeves.

Just a quick couple of words from me – thank you to everybody who supports our team in any way! Look forward to seeing familiar faces on the slopes soon

Cheers – Marcus

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