November 1, 2017

Hi Everyone,

This past month of training in SaasFee was very helpful and exhausting. We pushed through a full camp with only one weather day effecting us (last day), everyday was a grind but definitely worth the effort. The Super G training days we had helped me work on many techniques and the coaches gave me a lot of great feedback on what to focus on for future speed days. Our countless days of GS training finally started to pay off for me near the end and I’m looking forward to having that feeling again in a Nakiska pre-season.

We are now back from our camp and the whole team has had a much needed week of rest. My rest week consisted of a lot of sleeping and stretching… and Netflix. Being back with my family was a nice treat to have before I head out to Canmore again for our Nakiska pre-season block. I’ve been lucky to have a few days away with my family in the States to connect and relax. During the first week of November I’ll be hitting the gym each morning and night to regain some strength before training and get ready to move out to Canmore for the Winter season again.

Thank you to all the coaches for a great trip in SaasFee and the team for being the awesome group they are!

– Carson C.

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