October 19, 2017

Hello Alberta rippers, I hope you are all getting prepared for the ski season that’s just around the corner…

With the team’s dryland program mostly wrapped up and a solid first camp completed at Saas Fee, the crew is now approaching the end of our preseason training and getting into the flow of things with our minds on early season racing.

While AST is in Saas Fee for their second camp, I’m currently training with the Canadian Alpine Development Ski team. Over the past few weeks of skiing here in Austria seeing both Pitztal and Hintertux glaciers for the first time, I have come to understand the reasons why ski teams travel to such breathtaking locations to train before the season back home begins. The obvious reason is because there’s no possible way to train back in Canada, or even North America really, at this time, and it’s a huge privilege to be skiing with winter conditions and challenging terrain up at 4,000m… but a huge bonus, and a much more valuable reason that has now come into perspective for me, is the exposure to some of the toughest racing competition from all around the world. Seeing Europeans of all ages, in the same environment as us, doing the same style of day, from when we wake up and get our very European breakfast (with musli, yogurt and the occasional cold meats), to the warm up in the day lodge before we head out on snow, followed by 8 or so hard runs of skiing in a day. Not to mention the relentless fight up and down the liftline to and from the hotel… What this shows is how it doesn’t matter the country, it’s solely the individual skier’s drive that makes them progress.

The main focus of training is now on getting high intensity, race simulated runs while still focusing on those technical aspects that are specific to each of our very unique and different ski styles. I’m finding this new racing attitude has been rather challenging, especially when we’re skiing on such tactically demanding terrain – it’s something that comes slowly, day by day, run after run…

Tying it all together before the season starts is key, and is something we all have our eye on!

Hope to see you around and tune up the skis! Winter looks like it’s coming early back home



Keegan Sharp (AST), coach Kyle Buchanan (Snow Valley) &Liam Wallace (AST)

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