September 19, 2017

Hello all!

Since this is my first athlete journal i suppose i should start by introducing myself. My name is Dawson Hill, I’m 18 years old, from Calgary AB. This is my 3rd year of FIS racing, before the Alberta Team I skied for Team Panorama Ski Club.

I hope everybody had a great summer and is now comfortable getting settled back into the school or work routine. For this first athlete journal with the Alberta Team I figure I’ll go over my experiences and some events of note during my time with the team so far. First thing I’ll talk about is our first camp in Saas Fee, this topic may run a little dry but I figure I would give my take on the experience, as it was my first time attending a camp at the venue. I think the camp was a huge success. It brought some new fun experiences for me personally with being in a new place for the first time as well as switching up the preferred mode of transportation from a car to a razor scooter (of which mine was undisputedly the jenky-est). While we may not have gotten as many days on slalom skis as we might have liked, due to weather, we got a lot of time on the new 30m GS skis and had lots of success getting accustomed to them. I hope that going into the upcoming camp in October we are really able to get into the skis for the racing season. Overall, the first Saas Fee camp allowed us to get back into the swing of things and get used to working with each other, we used our multitude of weather days to rest and recharge and ended the camp with a solid 7 day block which I feel pushed a lot of us and showing us what we can do in season.

I suppose the event which falls to me to report on is the Poles to Pedals bike ride which occurred on September 9th. I can say it was a successful ride, a fun event and it allowed those of us who are new with the team to chat with and get to know some of the other parents and sponsors. I personally had a lot of fun: I had never ridden a road bike before that event and it was a “good learning experience,” despite a couple of mishaps on the ride including falling over before we started moving due to a lack of understanding of the pedal clips.

Of course I have to answer the question of: how am I liking the team so far? As this is my first journal – so here’s my two cents. The team – I feel – is working very well together. Though we may not all be from the same clubs, we all pretty much knew each other prior to this year’s team being figured out so we had a good foundation to work with on that front. Everyone seems quite comfortable and happy to be working with each other and the training environment is quite something. Everybody has a good time but knows when to kick it into gear and get the work done, I’m super stoked to be spending the season with this group.

Working with Thedy so far has been really good as well. He has tons, I mean tons, of experience and insightful things to say and he brings a great energy to training and off-snow activities as well. It’s a really new experience for me, both this environment with some athletes I haven’t worked with and some new coaching styles I haven’t encountered, I hope we can all find success this season.

So those are a couple general thoughts I have about some of the things we’ve done and how I feel about it all, I think it’s really going to be a good year if recent events are any indication.

Of course thank you so much to all of the sponsors: Alpine Insurance, Descente, Sporting Life, Dale of Norway, Nakiska, Ski Big 3, Silvertip Resort, Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge and Western GMC Buick – I look forward to meeting you all at the Oktoberfest event at the end of the month. A personal thanks to HEAD Ski Canada.

– Dawson



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