July 4, 2017

Hello to all Alberta ski enthusiasts! I am very excited to be kicking off the athlete journal diaries this year! The team will be giving you weekly updates on our whereabouts, activities, and the typical day in the life of an Alberta Alpine athlete. So stay tuned for some great journals and video entries.

As you all know, our team has grown in comparison to the past year with new and young athletes who are already proving a great addition to the team. Having a young group this year is going to be a change from this past season where we have had 4th and 5th year athletes to mostly second and first year skiers with the team. Personally I think this group is going to mesh well together, and with everyone close in age and experience, we will be able to thrive off of each other and push farther than any of us have experienced before. Along with the new athletes, we have a change in our coaching staff with Thedy Brandli as our new head coach and the rest of the staff soon to be released, we are all super eager to start working together. We are so excited to get down to work this year as a team and will be given the first opportunities in our summer dryland programs and the first Saas Fee camp in mind. This will be my second year on the team and can’t wait to get into it as I have already learned so much from this past season. I was sad to see our past athletes and coaches move on to other things in life, but am happy for them to pursue their own goals for the future.

SCHOOL IS DONE!!! The group of 1999’s and 2000’s have now completed another year of our education, and personally I can’t even describe how happy I am to now be a graduate with a high school diploma. We have worked hard in the gym every morning for the past five weeks of dryland training, where we go in for the morning session, go straight off to school, and straight back to the gym for an afternoon session. I just enjoy finishing the workouts and not having some kind of course to worry about passing…

Hope to see you active around the mountains and keep on our website to see more of our updates!

– Liam Wallace

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