April 16, 2017

ABCUP_Winners 2017

2017 Alpine Insurance series overall titles and cups were awarded to Alpine Insurance Alberta Ski Team members Georgia Burgess from Banff Alpine Racers and Keegan Sharp of Team Panorama.

Banff, Alberta – Perhaps one of the longest series in the world, the Alpine Insurance Alberta Cup FIS Series closed out the 2017 season on Saturday at Mt. Norquay. Finishing at the same resort it started on December 3, 2016, it was a 4 and ½ months of great race stops across the Alberta FIS circuit.  Mt. Norquay was joined by other great ski racing partners like Panorama Mountain Resort and Lake Louise Resort to provide a perfect venues and host clubs for Alberta’s primer race series.

With the final 2 slaloms and series points on the line, the opportunity for some end of season results had attracted a good field of racers including traditional partner BC but also a few athletes from USA and Ontario. Friday ladies’ slalom was won by Amelia Smart of the Canadian Development Team and Team Pano, followed up by Alpine Insurance Alberta Team member and BAR alumni, Meg Cumming placing second overall and series leader, Georgia Burgess was third. For the men, Friday’s race was won by Whistler’s Cooper Yates followed by local Banff Alpine Racer (BAR) Ben Legree in second. Alberta Ski Team’s Kelvin Cochrane took third overall.

Saturday was also a fast but fun filled day as a number of athletes announced their plans for next ski season.  Ben Legree had a great fun racing in his Hawaiian shirt and shorts as he plans to stay in the sport and do some coaching over the next little while. Georgia Burgess and Michael Soetaert, both in their third year with the Alpine Insurance Alberta Ski Team announced they have been accepted to ski in the NCAA program at the University of Alaska, Seawolves for next fall. Way to go!

Congratulations to both Georgia and Mikey as they continue the great story of Alberta Ski Team members who have made success possible and now have the opportunity to pursue elite ski racing and earn a great education at the same time.

The final ladies slalom was again won by Amelia Smart followed by Meg Cumming in 2nd and joined by BAR’s Claire Timmermann in third.

The men’s final was won by Declan McCormack of the Ontario Ski Team followed AST Kelvin Cochrane and team member Sam Wall in third.

Full Results: https://data.fis-ski.com/dynamic/event-details.html?event_id=40160&cal_suchsector=AL

Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers, our ski areas for their support all year round and our series sponsor, Alpine Insurance whose enthusiastic support continues to inspire excellence in all of us. We look forward to next year as some now get a break and many others just get back to working on improving for next season. Well done and good luck and hope to see you at next year’s series.

Alpine Ins FIS Series

2017 Alpine Insurance Alberta Cup
Ladies Overall:

  1. Georgia Burgess (AST/BANFF)
  2. Meg Cumming (AST/BANFF)
  3. Michelle Rufener (BANFF)

2017 Alpine Insurance Alberta Cup
U19 Ladies:

  1. Michelle Rufener (BANFF)
  2. Karleen Rutter (SUNSH)
  3. Skylar Buckle (SUNSH)

2017 Alpine Insurance Alberta Cup
Men’s Overall:

  1. Keegan Sharp (AST/PANO)
  2. Michael Soetaert (AST/SNOW)
  3. Liam Wallace (AST/SUNSH)

2017 Alpine Insurance Alberta Cup
U19 Men’s:

  1. Liam Wallace (AST/SUNSH)
  2. Sam Wall (AST/BANFF)
  3. Kelvin Cochrane (AST/BANFF)

Full Series Results: http://albertaalpine.ca/results-standings/series-points/


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