April 8, 2017


Level 2, Saturday May 6 (1 day course)

  • Email Doug Airey at doug.airey@westerngm.com to register.  We need at least eight (8) participants to run the course.  Please register no later than May 2nd.

Level 3, Saturday May 6 AND Sunday May 7 ( 2 day course)

  • Inquiries for participation should be emailed to Don Boyce at dlboyce@telusplanet.net
  • Both Courses at the Percy Page Centre in Edmonton; starting promptly at 8:30 AM and ending by 4:30 PM
  • Course material can be found on Alpine Canada’s website:  http://alpinecanada.org/community/officials
  • You need to print or download the material as handouts are NOT provided for either course
  • You will also need a copy of the ICR from the FIS website.  It is also important that you read the course material in advance and do all of the case studies that are in the material prior to the course so the instructor can get through the material.   http://www.fis-ski.com/inside-fis/document-library/alpine-skiing/index.html#deeplink=rules

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2019 Quest for Gold Golf Tournament

Monday, May 27th at Silvertip Resort in Canmore