March 29, 2017

Hey everyone!

Since my last journal in January so much has happened! I hope you’ve all had a chance to read up on my teammates’ journals so you have an idea of what’s been going on. 

With the turning of the seasons in full effect, the ever approaching finish to the race calendar draws near. However, that only means we need to work harder and harder as the intensity and density of races does not fall off near the end. The beginning of this last block started at Red Mountain with a few tech events. With the Spring weather came varying conditions. Those of us who were able to remain focused and disciplined with the ever changing weather were able to have a successful trip. After that little series, which normally occurs at the change of the season, the team split up for a few weeks. Keegan, Liam and myself travelled to Quebec’s Mont Ste. Marie, shortly after arriving home from Red, for the final NorAm series. This race brought an elite caliber of talent from several different countries together with many skiers who were just shy of making it to World Cup Finals. The wintery weather came a bit as a shock to many, but provided great conditions with hard snow. With conditions and competition at an extreme high, everyone was giving 110%. This in combination with the fun terrain on the race run “Dustin Cook”, made for a great race. After the NorAms wrapped up, our small crew headed over to Stoneham where we had the opportunity to race in a Quebec University series race. With yet another venue offering great winter conditions and more blue sky days, Keegan and I were both able to squeeze out some personal bests in GS before being reunited with the rest of team in Tremblent for Canadian National Champs. The first few days continued the chain of beautiful weather and conditions. The men, who raced the first day, and the women on the second, were both able to get a great chance of GS racing in awesome conditions. As well as the GS, the team event was able to be enjoyed by everyone in the village on a sunny day. Unfortunately, that ended the streak of good luck as it began raining the next morning for the men’s slalom and continued into today (Mar 28th) for the women’s slalom. Conditions remained better than expected though, so great racing was still possible. Congratulations to Keegan for winning the junior title in the GS! 

Overall the trip has been successful with a mix of everything, from conditions to competition and venues. There’s something for everyone out here and it’s great to have the whole team together again. Moving forward, later this week we will all race in the Quebec Super Series spring race before catching a flight and making it to our own Alpine Insurance Spring series in whistler!

Thanks for reading and stay updated to find out how the rest of our season goes!


P.S. The poutine is as good as they say


Photo Credit: Derek Trussler


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