February 8, 2017

Hello Alberta Alpine family! Marcus here with another update of the season.  A lot has happened since my last athlete journal.  I will put the focus on highlights and recent events as to build on what’s fresh.  As of now we have had around 18 starts from slalom to downhill.  The team has found solid success in all events.  I know some highlights for the teammates have been podiums at local races, second runs in Nor-Ams, and top 30 at Nor-Ams!! Along with much gained momentum in speed races that lots of us have little experience with.  I’m very happy with the changes being made in my skiing and am excited for the opportunity to further my practice every race, both technically and mentally.

Currently we are racing in Colorado for a Nor-Am series.  This is by far the most intense/fun/legitimate race I have ever seen in person and been able to take part in. That being said it sure is a fight starting back of the pack again and trying to make a second run.  In other words the struggle is real yet the chance to further our practice is incredible.  Another factor that makes racing in Colorado demanding is the altitude and long length of the runs.  The slalom that we ran at Vail for example was almost 80 gates and the fastest time was over a minute. I can feel myself getting fitter!  We have four races left here in this beautiful state that include Super G and Super Combined. I am looking to take more speed experience out of this and really get after it in the Slalom.

The teams spirit is high! The boys are all sharing a place and its nice to be with the whole team again minus Colin and Zoe (miss you guys!!). Before we left for this trip we caught up with Zoe the gym and her recovery seems to be going miraculously, so hopefully we will see her back out here soon enough!

When we get back from Colorado there are some exciting plans ahead of us.  I am most excited about the U19 Nationals at Nakiska, another slalom at Norquay that our Devo team friends will be attending (alumni Jeff Read and Huston Philp), and lastly our trip to Quebec for the eastern spring series.  It’s always super cool to explore a new place! These races will all be great opportunities to compete as our competitors will be a close peer group from primarily Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

Anyways just checking in! I hope everyone at home is taking advantage of the snow fall with big smiles on their faces! Thanks, Marcus

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