February 1, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I was able to put together small edit of our week of training at Nakiska before the Colorado Nor-Am’s for your pleasure. It’s not to the high standards I have for myself when making these videos but I was pinched on time and amount of video to collect for this journal. I hope you all enjoy and please look forward to my next journal entry!

I’ll be continuing my written portion of this journal from my previous entry;

Since our block of training in November, we’ve had races in Norquay, Lake Louise and Panorama. The first slalom races of the season in Norquay were great. Rob’s Run had some of the best snow I’ve skied on so early in the season and everything was on schedule. Going into the Lake Louise races I was quite nervous having never done a full Downhill, aside from a few Kimberly runs last year. The training runs there were a great help to understanding the track and learning some technique for Downhill. I was able to have some really good finishes that I was proud of and scored a few Nor-Am points in the process. Panorama was another story though. I felt my skiing as okay, but I wasn’t able to finish any of the Nor-Am or FIS races, except for the last slalom race.

It was nice to have a break from all the racing and take some time to be back home over the Christmas holidays. Then in the new year we started training again at Nakiska while some of my other team members were out east doing more Nor-Am’s. The training block was good to work on some of the little things we needed to clean up. Moving into the Lake Louise Alpine Insurance race was a change of terrain for our group but we all stood our ground and finished well. My results weren’t as good as I would have liked them to be but my skiing was constant throughout the 4 races.

Now our team is all driving out to Colorado to take part in the big Nor-Am race series during the first week of February. I am looking forward to the Downhill races near the end as it will be another new race track for me to learn some things on.

-Carson Cook


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